Mangosteen found in Green Food
Mangosteen is an ingredient found in our Green Food product as shown above.
Ingredients contained are not sold separately from the product unless it's the only ingredient.
Mangosteen found in Collasta
Mangosteen is an ingredient found in our Collasta product as shown above.
Ingredients contained are not sold separately from the product unless it's the only ingredient.

Mangosteen may help combat  depression  in a number of ways. First off, mangosteen may give you energy so you’re more apt to get up off the couch and go exercise. Exercise creates endorphins and endorphins are what make you feel amazing after a good session at the gym. They’re also responsible for the famous ‘runners high’ that many endurance athletes feel. Secondly, mangosteen helps to increase the production of tryptophan that is a precursor for serotonin which affects our mood and sleeps patterns. Additionally, mangosteen contains niacin which is a key vitamin for vitality and nutrient absorption. Taking our Natural Home Cures Freeze Dried Mangosteen may help you on the path to a healthier sense of well-being.

Mangosteen has the highest amount of Xanthones compounds present in comparison to any other fruit. These compounds cure skin diseases and repair the damaged and worn out cells in the body.

Mangosteen can increase the level of red blood cell mass in the body and should therefore not be taken by people diagnosed with polycythemia rubra vera. Interference with blood coagulating properties. Our body has natural ability to prevent bleeding. Consuming mangosteen can have adverse affects to this ability. Mangosteen interacts with the blood and causing its thinning. So using mangosteen along with the medications that thin the blood might lead to gastrointestinal bleeding.

Mangosteen has various health benefits for people suffering from diseases related to inflammation. Many respiratory diseases are caused by inflammation in the passageway of the lungs, which restricts an individual’s ability to breathe. Mangosteen helps in reducing this inflammation in the airways and thus helps in normal breathing. Due to this reason, mangosteen is helpful for anyone who has breathing problems.

Mangosteen is of high nutritional value. A rich amount of fibers and carbohydrates is present in it. Moreover it has also high amounts of vitamin A and C along with calcium, potassium and iron.

Mangosteen helps in promoting the production of red blood cells red blood cells and protecting the body against anemia, which is basically due to decrease in red blood cell production. The blood flow is improved by this fruit by increasing the caliber of blood vessels. This protects the body against certain severe diseases like high cholesterol, congestion, severe chest pains and atherosclerosis.

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