Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica found in Green Food
Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica is an ingredient found in our Green Food product as shown above.
Ingredients contained are not sold separately from the product unless it's the only ingredient.

Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica is an amazing natural superfood with over 100 nutrients studied extensively for its superior nutritional content and health benefits. Studies show its ability to support cardiovascular, eye, and brain health, as well as boosting immunity and energy.

Raw Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica is a specially bred strain of the edible raw microalgae. Raw Spirulina Platensis is cultured in shallow, open ponds (approximately 20 cm deep) adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. A combination of fresh water and supplemental deep ocean water is used to fill the ponds. Natural food grade fertilizers are used and 2000ft deep sea water is added as a rich source of minerals and trace elements. This managed growing system assures a contamination-free, consistently superior nutritional profile.

Raw Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica is the only cultured microalgae grown with ultra pure deep ocean water as a source of minerals and trace elements. The deep ocean water is pumped up from a depth of 2000 feet, supplying magnesium, calcium, and every trace element your body needs for survival. This unique resource is also used in our unique, patented, cold drying system.

The most nutritious forms of spirulina on the market today is Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica. Experts say that consuming just three grams of Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica per day offers the benefits of five servings of fruits and vegetables.

Nature’s original multivitamin with a full spectrum of minerals and high concentrations of antioxidants, Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica? has over 100 nutrients in an easily assimilated and bio-available form. Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica? supports cardiovascular, eye and brain health and boosts immunity and energy.? Ideal for vegetarians. Safe for children.

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