Spirulina side effects that are noticed in the beginning would include detoxification. Spirulina is loaded with probiotics and are known to have positive effects on the digestive system.  While we are on the subject of detoxification and the digestive system, please note that when you begin taking this supplement your stool may be green. This is because of  chlorophyll .

Actually, spirulina side effects are least likely to occur as long as you take only the recommended dosage of it. This is why it’s very important for you to consult your physician first before taking spirulina, or any kind of vitamin supplement for that matter. Spirulina side effects aren’t more likely to occur compared to the side effects you’ll experience should you overdose on Vitamin C. These side effects include liver and kidney damage caused by the high concentration of nucleic acid present in the organic matter from which the supplement is derived from. You’ll have to consume a very high concentration of spirulina for you to experience the negative effects of over dosage. Vitamin A also has a similar toxicity risk.

The reported spirulina side effects do not include loss of appetite. Those that feel less hungry whilst using this supplement , do so because their body ‘s are fully nourished and not craving any other foods. Some people think that the supplement is tricking the body into feeling full, as many weight loss pills do, but in fact it is simply nourishing the body . Therefore so long as you stick to the recommended dosage amounts, follow the instructions included or take advice from your doctor, it is unlikely you will experience any spirulina side effects at all and will in fact improve the healthiness and nourishment of your body .

Before going into spirulina side effects, you should know why the supplement is so popular in Japan first. It’s said to lower cholesterol, help protect cells from degeneration, assist in digestion, keep the body energized, and contain proteins which people who are trying to avoid eating meat usually miss out on. This is because the supplement contains 10 vitamins, 18 amino acids, and 8 minerals. It’s the ultimate food supplement which means you won’t have to depend on so many high caloric foods to get the nutrients you need. This is why, while there are recorded spirulina side effects, people still continue to vouch for the supplement.

One final thought on spirulina side effects is to ensure you always buy it from a reputable firm to avoid contamination issues. Buying from a known company ensures you buy a product that has strict quality control measures in place.

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