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  1. 100% Pure Spirulina
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Foundations are critical in a healthy body, Spirulina has a high level of protein, an essential building block for cells.

Nature's Living Energy - Spirulina

Made of Blue Green Algae that live in Bacteria Free Alkaline Waters. Research shows Spirulina to be one of the richest food in the world.

  • 65% Protein which is 95% digestible; compare with chicken, which is 24% Protein and only 20% digestible.
  • 25 times more Carotene than carrots.
  • 3 times more Vitamin E than Wheat Germ.
  • Highest whole food source of Vitamin B12 and B Complex.
  • 2-6 times higher in Iron than beef liver.
  • Loaded with natural organic minerals like Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Chromium, and other trace minerals.
  • More antioxidants (e.g. SOD) than any whole food.
  • Richer in Chlorophyll than Alfalfa or Wheat Grass.
  • Rich in Glycogin (which is rarely found in plants) and stored in liver for longer lasting energy than Glucose.
  • 3 times more Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) than Evening Primrose Oil.

NewLife Guarantees that our Spirulina is free from Microcystin Toxins

Remarks : Sample A did not have sufficient Total Carotenoids and Phycocyanin compared to Newlife Spirulina, owing to degradation of the product potency by oxidisation.

Sample B not only had an insufficient level of Total Carotenoids, but it also carries Coliform, an indication of poor sanitation during the production process. Also, both Sample A and B have a greater level of Total Pheophorbibe, which could be the initiator of photosensitivity.

NewLife Spirilulina, on the other hand, demonstrated a higher quality of these elements in many aspects. It scored highest in all phytonutrients, such as Total Carotenoids, Chlorophyll and Phycocyanin. and possessed the lowest Pheophorbibe content. In addition, it also carries an independent certification declaring that it is free from Microcystin toxins.

Spirulina - The World's Healthiest Food

Healthy food is your best defense

Foods are the first line of defense against the negative effects of our stressful lifestyle, pollution, chemicals, toxins, and diseases. Due to the way food is prepared these days, many 'foods' we eat today are nutritionally deficient. Poor food choices leave us weak and vulnerable to disease.

The good news is that many essential nutrients that help to protect our bodies are found and concentrated in Spirulina, which contains the most powerful combination of nutrients found in any grain, herb, or food.

Benefits of Spirulina

  • Spirulina is a high-protein food, containing all the essential amino acids and only a few calories (without the fat and cholesterol of meat).
  • Spirulina has 3 times more Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) than that of Evening Primrose Oil. GLA in mothers* milk helps develop healthy babies.
  • Iron is essential to building healthy blood cell. Spirulina is rich in iron, magnesium, and trace minerals, and the iron found in Spirulina is easier to absorb than that found in iron supplements. Spirulina has 6 times the iron of beef liver.
  • Spirulina contains 3 times more Vitamin E than wheat germ.
  • Spirulina is richer in chlorophyll (a natural cleanser) than Alfalfa or Wheat Grass.
  • World-class athletes use Spirulina to improve performance. The Cuban Ministry of Sports gave it to their athletes during intensified training before the 1996 Olympic Games. The Chinese prescribed it for athletes of all sports. Nearer to home. Jasmine Leong, Sabah State and National swimmer, took Spirulina to help provide energy and increase stamina before any training or competition. She represented Malaysia in the 90s at the Asia-Pacific Junior Swimming Championships in S. Korea and won Malaysia a silver medal.

How To Know Your Spirulina is The Best Quality?

Several factors influence the quality and production of Spirulina. Climate, temperature and water supply critically determine its quality. In order to produce a pure culture of Spirulina, close scrutiny must be given to the micro-algae biology and a closed ecology system to prevent algae contamination or heavy metal contamination.

NewLife Nature's Gift Spirulina is sourced from one of the world’s finest Spirulina-producing companies. For more than a quarter of a century, our supplier has been operating 3 sophisticated Spirulina farms with a production capacity of 1.000 tons per year. This makes them the world's largest Spirulina producers.

Each harvest is tested to ensure premium quality Spirulina. A comparison analysis between NewLife Nature's Gift Spirulina and other sources reveals the higher quality of NewLife's Spirulina.

Spirulina – Helping to Overcome Chernobyl’s Health Effects

Spirulina – an edible algae claimed to have beneficial effects on the immune system – has been getting kudos in Russia, where the Grodenski State Medical university has patented it’s use as a medical food in the treatment of radiation sickness incurred by the children of Chernobyl.

According to the patent document released by the Russian Federation Committee of Patents and Trade, the researchers built their work upon earlier findings showing that children living in highly radioactive areas had chronic radiation sickness and elevated blood levels of immunoglobulin E (IgE) – a marker for high allergic sensitivity, particularly as it relates to radiation poisoning.

They then isolated 35 Chernobyl preschool children (20 boys and 15 girls) and prescribed a daily dosage of about five grams of spirulina for 45 days. In all 35, IgE levels dramatically decreased, without side effects of any kind, while IgE blood levels did not change in the 15-child control group.

Researchers concluded that the consumption of spirulina lowers IgE amounts in the blood and raises T-cell counts, which in turn reduces radioactivity and normalizes atypical allergies in the body.

The spirulina that made this patent possible was ecological grown (without pesticides or herbicides) in the California desert by Earthrise Farms and was jointly donated by Earthrise and Dainippon Ink & Chemicals of Japan. Says Earthrise President Richard Henrikson, ‘we’ve been sending our spirulina to children’s radiation clinics in Chernobyl since 1990, because we knew spirulina could make a difference in these children’s lives. We had hoped that these contributions would stimulate exactly the kind of medical research that led to this patent. Our society needs more holistic approaches to healing, and spirulina is definitely one of them.

Source from Gerson Institute. Reprinted with permission

Spirulina - The Ideal Fast Food For Busy People

Spirulina. by being a very complete food, ensure that you take in all the nutrients you require. It has a soft cell wall, so its nutrients are easy-to-digest and easy-to-absorb by the body.

Research has shown that 1 teaspoon of powder. 4 capsules or 21 tablets daily with a glass of water or juice is helpful for:

  • Increasing oxygen intake into the cells and tissues.
  • Providing natural organic iron to build healthy blood cells.
  • Improving the health of the heart and arteries.
  • Improving the immunity and the overall well being of a person.
  • Vegetarians, as it contains a wholesome source of essential nutrients like protein and B12 which are normally found in meat.
  • Children, women, pregnant and nursing mothers and the elderly.
  • Beautiful skin.
  • Times of illness, even for babies and children. An hourly Spirulina drink of only 1, teaspoon in a glass of water and sweetened with raw honey, if desired, can do wonders.
  • Athletes, sportsmen and body-builders. 1 teaspoon of powder, 4 capsules or 21 tablets with water ½ hour before performance.
  • Natural slimming. Take 1 teaspoon of powder, 4 capsules or 21 tablets ½ hour before meal. It is low in calories, yet power-packed with essential nutrients. It also prevents hunger pangs.

NewLife Spirulina Cocktail

½ to 1 teaspoon of Nature's Gift Spirulina powder in a blender with 1 banana and 1 glass of orange juice or another juice. Blend until all the banana disperses in the juice. It is preferable to use cold juice or mix with ice. Other items can be added, e.g. a sprinkle of Vitamin C Micro-crystals.

Traditionally used as food supplement.

No sugar, fillers, preservatives or color.

1 teaspoon in a glass of water or juice. Sweeten with 1 teaspoon of raw honey, if desired.

Vegetarian formula. Store in a cool, dry place.

100% Pure Spirulina

Directions for Taking Newlife Spirulina

Research suggests that 3 to 10 grams of Spirulina a day will provide significant health benefits. Daily use is extremely beneficial. Capsules and tablets allow convenient consumption any time. Many enjoy Spirulina powder mixed in their fruity yoghurt smoothie as a power-packed breakfast!

Traditionally used as food supplement. This is a traditional preparation. Please consult a doctor if symptoms persist. Vegetarian formula.

Free from artificial colors and preservatives.


Each tablet contains 200gm Spirulina platensis. NO added sugar, starch, fillers, coating, preservatives, or colour.

Kin Herbs Pharma Sdn Bhd

Years Of Fainting Spells and Dizziness Due To Low Blood Count Stopped After Taking Spirulina

My name is Chen Pek Yoke. I am a teacher in a kindergarden. It was quite a few years ago that I discovered I had a low blood count. I used to have fainting spells and dizziness, which occurred quite regularly. Through all this, I felt tired. I also had frequent mood swings and stomach discomfort during the menstrual cycle, which caused me to be very uncomfortable. Occasionally I had to go on sick leave.

Seven months ago, when I began taking NewLife™ Spirulina, all these symptoms stopped almost immediately. Plus to my surprise, my haemoglobin level increased quite tremendously. I have not had any fainting spells since, I no longer experience any pre-menstrual problems or discomfort during my monthly cycle. Now, I am on NewLife™ Spirulina daily and it has been great for me. It makes me feel more energetic and active throughout the entire day, week, and month!

I can assure all readers out there that NewLife™ Spirulina is truly wonderful food for the whole family.

Ms. Chen Pek Yoke, Aug/ Sep 1998

Amla Yati, 68 was diagnosed with fatty liver in 2007. Fatty liver means excess fat cumulated in the liver causing the liver cells to malfunction.

Amla Yati started on a regime of NewLife™ supplements in June 2008 which include Herbal Klenz Powder, Spirulina, Super Green Food, Immuflora, Vitamin B Complex, and Vitamin C Complex. In addition to the supplements, she also changed her diet to include more green vegetables, whole grains, and fresh fruits while cutting down on carbohydrates and fats.

After 6 months on Newife™ supplements, an ultrasound scan was done on the liver on 4 December 2008.

The result of the ultrasound scan showed no more fatty liver. The supplements and change in diet were enough to reverse her fatty liver condition.

Thanks to NewLife™!

Amla Vati (68 years old), Year 2007

Ever since our daughter Maelodee was a few months old, she had to see the doctor every month. She was often ill with flu, nose blocks, coughs, fever and constipation. We were very worried for her.

When she was 4, we started her on coffee enema and made her take plenty of supplements and eating more nutritious foods. Once a week, she would do a coffee enema, using 250ml of filtered water boiled with a teaspoon of coffee. She also took Spirulina, Vitamin C, K salt, Immuflora and juices.

After a few weeks, we noticed that she wasn't as sickly. She is now 16-year-old, she continues to take those supplements and loves doing coffee enema. She is healthy and has good complexion. She has also not visited a doctor for the last 12 years.

We would like to sincerely thank Datin Dr. Lynn Tan for having such wonderful products that has helped improve our child's health.

Maelodee, Nov/ Dec 2011

NewLife™ Super Immunity Kids Pack Saved Daniel's Adenoids and Tonsils

Since our 4-year-old son Daniel was a baby, he often had fever, phlegm, flu, cough, and runny nose. He always breathed through his mouth and we thought it was normal for children to do so. We didn?t know that his nose was blocked because of the inflammation of his adenoids.

Sometime in early February 2008, Daniel had difficulty in breathing and he was very sick with high fever for several days. He was admitted to a specialist centre for 3 nights and was treated with antibiotic jabs. The specialist told us that, not only Daniel?s adenoids were inflamed and swollen; his tonsils had also swelled so big that they had nearly choked him. So he (the specialist) suggested that Daniel's adenoids and tonsils be removed through surgery.

We made an appointment to see Dr. Lynn Tan. She put Daniel on the Super Immunity Kids Pack together with a diet that consists of fresh juices, fruits, yoghurt, and Hippocrates' Soup while replacing milk with Spirulina drinks. The pack consists of Flax Seed Oil, K-Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar, Pure Raw Honey, Immuflora, Spirulina Powder, Nutritional Yeast, Bee Pollen Granules, Zinger Organic Herbal Tea and Wonda Oil.

Daniel's health condition began to improve day by day and at the end of two weeks. His tonsils had returned to normal size. For the first time in 4 years, he was able to breathe normally with no runny nose or blockage. Above all, he has become a cheery child instead of an agitated one. NewLife™ has helped rebuild Daniel's life and saved us from paying large sums of money on medical bills.

To support Daniel, our whole family also embarked on healthy diet plus NewLife™ supplements. Our youngest son, Jordan (7 months old then in February 2008) constantly had phlegm and often had fever and flu. He was also given the Super Immunity Kids Pack and diet. He too, up to now, like Daniel, has kept phlegm, flu, fever, runny nose, and cough out of his life. As for me, Daniel's mum, I lost 6kgs of body fat.

Thanks to Dr. Lynn and NewLife™ for providing us with a natural alternative - we are the living testimony that natural healing is the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Daniel, Year 2008

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