Flaxseed oil side effects must be taken into consideration by those using this highly regarded herb as part of their health maintenance regimen. As a whole, Flaxseed and Flaxseed oil have a relatively low rate of side effects. Due to the fact this herb is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and fiber, it is important that those who take Flaxseed do so with water. In healthy people, Flaxseed oil is unlikely to cause constipation, as it is more likely to cause diarrhea if taken in large doses.

Flaxseed oil side effects come from the lignans naturally found in the oil. Lignans directly affect hormone-related problems. Furthermore, initial testing has shown a link between lignans and a lower cancer risk.

When it comes to flaxseed oil side effects, the fatty acids in the oil work as the primary healing properties. These essential fatty acids are necessary for the body to use on a daily basis, but the body is unable to produce these necessary items for itself, so you must look to alternative sources to obtain essential fatty acids.

Remember this: NEVER cook with this highly-oxidizing oil. Use it only cold soups, salads, fruit smoothies or protein shakes.

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