Bee pollen side effects are usually quite rare and occur in only about 5% of the people who supplement with bee pollen. Being one of natures most desirable super-foods and not a drug,  its side effects are usually minimal.

Bee pollen side effects may include itchy throat, wheezing and skin flushing. Once again however, these side effects are rarely observed or heard of and mostly attributed to people who have taken too high a dosage too soon. Consumers should always exercise a little caution in following the dosage instructions with any supplement until they have gotten more experience using it.

Bee pollen side effects do exist even though this particular supplement is completely natural; products labeled natural aren’t necessarily side-effect free. Bee pollen is a popular supplement that has been taken for ages. Many have benefited from the consumption of bee pollen as it relieves stomach problems. Bee pollen is also used as an effective anti-aging agent. Furthermore, many athletes, and non-athletes alike use bee pollen to increase their energy levels and enhance performance. Luckily, bee pollen side effects are mostly mild and can largely be avoided altogether if you adhere to the dosage guidelines.

Mild bee pollen side effects: Symptoms of minor allergic reactions include skin rash, hives, itchy throat or face, coughing. On observing these symptoms, it is important to stop taking the supplement altogether and take over-the-counter antihistamines or consult a doctor, as the need may be. To avoid any allergic reactions, people should begin taking bee pollen in small amounts and test their sensitivity to the substance. Taking small amounts also help develop immunity against allergy. For instance, if you take bee pollen supplements three months before the onset of the summer season, you can enjoy the season without the dreaded allergy.

Some bee pollen side effects may result from the environment factors of the region from where the pollen has been obtained. Regions sprayed with fertilizer and pesticides contain toxins that are harmful to the body, leading to adverse reactions. Symptoms of pesticide poisoning include nausea, excessive sweating, dizziness, stomach cramps, fatigue and headache.

Serious bee pollen side effects: Serious allergic responses may affect several body systems and may prove to be very dangerous. Some symptoms include convulsions, nausea, unconsciousness, breathing problems and throat swelling. Such reactions warrant immediate medical attention. Serious allergic reactions can be triggered when bee pollen is used in conjunction with or without other drugs. Bee pollen may also cause photosensitivity in some people when taken with other drugs. Renal failure may be another side effect. Those suffering from diabetes should also avoid taking the supplement, as it reduces the effectiveness of insulin and other drugs. Nursing mothers and pregnant women must also be careful about taking the supplement, as the child may be allergic to it.

Usually the bee pollen side effects show the first time when you begin to take pollen supplement. Many of the persons who develop allergies to the bee stings develop adverse effects. The most common types of side effects due to taking of pollen supplements are shortness of breath, itchy throat, hives, rash, fever, wheezing, diarrhea, weakness, dizziness, skin flushing and muscle pain. The factors like pollen dosage, your drug interaction capacity and the sensitivity of the immune system determine the severity of the side effects of these supplements.

You must understand that the bee pollen side effects are due to the allergic reactions of the body and this may come from certain source of pollen, as pollen from certain types of plants like ragweed cause allergic effects. The method of processing of the pollen while manufacturing these supplements also determines the range of side effects these can cause. So, if you want to avoid getting the adverse effects of these supplements you must get one that has very high nutritional potency with GMP compliant pollen of pharmaceutical grade. Always go for the pollen supplements that are freeze-dried that come with better quality.

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