As far back as five years ago, I was introduced to the idea of drinking distilled water, but I was not opened to it. It took an eventful day to actually change my life.

For several months since early 1996, my son Benjamin had been having watery red eyes, causing him to constantly rub them. A local doctor diagnosed him as suffering from nasal infection. He was given antibiotics, but nothing really helped. In May 1996, we visited a child specialist who diagnosed Benjamin as having a sensitive nose which caused nose infections, with the backflow into his eyes, resulting in the irritation (and the rubbing). The specialist recommended a local nose steroid medication to help alleviate his condition. This medication had to be given every time there was an infection. It did help temporarily to relieve his condition. However, we became concerned with the frequent use of the medication.

It was in December on that eventful day, when Benjamin’s eyes became bloodshot like a conjunctivitis condition, so I decided to make Benjamin drink the NewLife Apple Cider Vinegar and Pure Raw Honey in Distilled Water from 12.00 noon to 5.00 p.m. After that, I noticed that his eyes totally cleared up. No medication was administered that day. Since drinking Distilled Water from December to date, Benjamin has not had a recurrence of his condition.

Our family is grateful for all the information and knowledge from our friends Hong and Siew (Mr. & Mrs. C.H. Tan), Dr. Lynn Tan, health books, and NewLife International. Our many thanks to our NewLife network who further passed on valuable information with regard to the Distillers and healthy living to their friends.

Kenny and Mei Lee

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