Early this year,I had difficulty bending my thumb. Thinking nothing serious about it, I just leave the situation as it is. 2 months later, not only I cant bend my thumb, my palm stated to swell a little. This time I feel the pain whenever I use my thumb.

Dr diagnose it as trigger thumb, a painful condition that affects the tendons in the hand. I was given a 5 days dose of mild medication. T

he pain of course got better after the medication. 3 weeks later, palm started to swell again, went back to Dr and was prescribe another heavier dose of medication. It works and was happy but after about 4 weeks or so, I experience another round of swelling pain. This has gotten so bad I cant even start my car engine with my right thumb, cant even close car doors properly, basically not in “usable” state. The Dr says this will be the 3rd & last dose of medication he can prescribe. If my condition does not show any improvement after this, the next cause of action will be either steroid jab or surgery at the very worst case,both will have its risk.

I was devasted as after the 3rd round of medication, there was no improvement at all. I started to explore all other options if any i.e accupunture, chinese herbs, natural remedy. Since I have benefited a lot from Stanley Chong’s sharing on natural remedies the past few months, I decided to give him a call. After sharing my situation with him, he recommended Naicin & Castor Oil. I was so desperate to get better that I dilengently follow his advise.

Praise God, after 2 weeks, my swell subsided and I could finally bend my thumb a little after months of pain. About a month into Naicin and rubbing on Castor Oil few times a day, I could finally bend and use my thumb as before.

I cant help but thanking God & Stanley Chong’s sharing on natural wonders. Its been 4months and I am totally recovered from my tigger thumb, Praise the Lord!

Praise & Thanks Be to God!

Joyce Tan

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