For over 3 years I had inflammation in both my upper and lower gums. The constant excruciating pain on my right lower gum was often almost unbearable. Also, whenever I ate, I had the feeling that my whole set of my teeth would drop out.

I visited dentists on several occasions, but to no avail. I even tried using salt water as recommended, but the problem always came back.

Nine months ago, I met Dr. Lynn Tan at the market. She noticed the conditions of my gum and suggested that I use the NewLifeâ„¢ El-Natural Toothpaste with a drop of Wonda Oil. Since following her advice, my teeth and gums have been restored to healthy conditions.

Once the pain on the right lower gum came back, so I immediately rubbed the affected part with Wonda Oil several times; the pain instantly went away!

I am thankful to God for such a simple, cheap, and effective remedy for my long suffering.

Elly Leng Nyet Chin

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