I suffered severe skin problems for most of 2002. It began from my feet, then eventually spread over all my body.

I was plagued by the following most disagreeable symptoms, which caused me great stress. Belching and gas, dryness in my mouth and throat, pimples with pus appeared all over hands, legs, body, anus and private parts, swelling in my hands and legs, a weight loss of 5 kg within a week, mental confusion, depression, worry, fatigue, loss of concentration and lethargy.

I even visited a famous skin specialist who prescribed some steroid cream and drugs to reduce the itchiness. The cream was effective in reducing the infections temporarily, but all symptoms reappeared when I stopped using it. My nightmare never seemed to end.

I came to the point where I seemed to be allergic to all food. I was forced to eat a very restricted diet consisting of only wholemeal bread for all 3 meals. But, alas, the eczema continued to spread.

In August 2002, my beloved wife Jeanne enrolled in a home study degree programme called a Bachelor of Science Degree Programme in Holistic Nutrition. I had the opportunity to read one of the books, Candida Albicans and How To Defend Us From Yeast Overgrowth. I realized that I had all the symptoms of yeast infections. I became motivated to depend on natural healing instead of steroids and drugs.

Recognizing the source of my problem (bad bacteria), I jumped at the opportunity to begin Dr. Lynn Tan’s Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme (DRP), took lots of friendly bacteria (yogurt and Immuflora), followed a strict diet recommended by her, and totally eliminated all sugar products, curry and meats from my meals. Lo and behold, miracles happened within a few days. My skin infections began to clear up. In less than a month, 90% of my skin became smooth, two months later, it was completely healed.

These additional benefits resulted from my treatment in using the DRP and the healthy diet : My hypertension returned to normal, I lost a much needed 25 kg and saw a waist reduction of 5 inches within 6 months; my dandruff disappeared, along with my heavy snoring.

It has now been six months since I was healed of that dreadful skin disease that almost drove me crazy. NewLife, along with knowledge on natural health saved me and my wife from further needless suffering. We are committed to sharing that health knowledge and our experience so that others may also regain their good health.

Allen Saw Chong Hock

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