The NewLife Alpha Juicer DA 900 lets you take charge of your health and your life!

The Alpha Juicer is really a single gear juicer that creates power-packed drinks with maximum dietary content and minimal oxidation. Live better with 100% natural juice.

We pay a cost in search of what we should want in existence. So when the times get longer and also the hrs get shorter, taking proper care of our overall health needs to be fast and simple. Achieving our existence goals and living well may come hands-in-hands.

Small modifications in what we eat with the aid of fresh juices can create a big difference inside our health insurance vitality.

Here’s the way the Alpha Juicer might help energize your entire day:

  1. At the low speed of 80RPM, the Alpha Juicer extracts high-quality diet and live enzymes, and adds these to your juice, supplying the essential minerals and vitamins to power your entire day.
  2. 100% natural juice doesn’t contain preservatives, flavoring, sugar and additives present in pre-packed juices, providing you with the truly amazing diet you would like with no unhealthy extras.
  3. Juicing helps you save time and effort, supplying diet from vegetables or fruits you are able to drink on the run.
  4. The Alpha Juicer is simple to wash. It can come apart, washed and reassembled in under a few minutes. Now that’s fast living!

Here’s how to assemble:

Attach the spiral screw into the drum. Input the juicing strainer. Use the drum cap to close.

Attach the assembled drum unit onto the main body of Alpha Juicer and lock with turning the locking clip. To extract fresh vegetable or fruit juice, use the juicing strainer. Fix the hopper on the top of the drum. Place the juice bowls in their respective positions, one in front of the other, before you plug in the socket.

How to clean the Alpha Juicer:

  1. Always clean the parts after making juice. This prevents residue pulp from drying up and getting stuck.
  2. Clean with a biodegradable liquid detergent such as NewLife™ Dish Wash.
  3. Use the juicer brush and other correct tools to clean the parts.
  4. You may wipe the parts with a clean dry cloth or leave the components to air dry.

Juicing is the easiest method to enhance your day with nutrients. Utilize it at the office, both at home and on the run. Allow it to be habit to begin every day having a fresh juice and experience energy and vitality for the first time!

NewLife™ Juicing Tips

  1. K-Salt adds a quick potassium boost to your juice! Add ¼ teaspoon to each glass.
  2. Super Green Food Plus contains a multitude of all-natural, high bioavailability plant nutrients. Combine it with your juice, stir or shake then enjoy.

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