I went through Dr. Lynn Tan’s 7-day Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme about 3 weeks ago, after 2 of my close friends highly recommended it to me. They too went through the programme and reaped tremendous benefits.

My problem was that I was frequently tired and quite overweight. I had what people call a “prosperity belly,” which made me look very bloated. Most people will say that this is part of growing old, but I desired a more vibrant body with more energy to carry forth my work.

During the course of the 7-day Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme, I had many visible improvements taking place. I passed out substantial amounts of encrustations in many different shapes and sizes. It all looked so weird to me, but I was sure glad to get rid of so much waste stuck in me. I also felt lighter and more active. My body ached on the 4th day of the Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme, which was considered to be part of my healing reaction. It only lasted a day; I felt good after each coffee enema. My belly
seemed to reduce throughout the programme. To my amazement, I also passed out an oval-shaped brown stone measuring a ½ inch in diameter.

On the whole, I lost 4 kgs; I feel so much energy going through me day by day. My whole body system has improved, and I do not feel tired so much anymore. I also think much faster; my brain seems to work clearer and more efficiently now. Earlier, I used to be out of breath very often. Even that has disappeared. My body has become younger and more vibrant, my skin complexion is clearer and fairer, and I am just bouncing with energy! My previously white-coated tongue is now reddish in color. I am so happy I can refit into my old shirts and pants.

A big thank you to my dear friends for introducing this programme to me. You have brought nothing but goodness to me. Dr. Lynn Tan’s Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme has really revitalized me from inside out, top to bottom.

Dominic De Silva

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