Several months ago, I was suffering from severe diarrhea. I went twice to see the doctor, but the medications did not help at all. I went to see a Chinese Physician; his medicine helped me to feel better for a while, but later the stomach problems came back again. I started to have fever; all four of my limbs became numb, and I was feeling really sick.

On the 5th day, I met Mr. K.K. Lim at his petrol station, and he asked me why I looked so sick. I told him of my problem. He took 2 sachets of ImmuFlora and asked me to take them.

One hour after taking them, I passed out some black stuff, but after that, the diarrhea stopped completely. Next morning, I felt good, so I went back to Mr. Lim for more of the ImmuFlora before I returned to work.

I am grateful to Mr. Lim for introducing me to NewLifeâ„¢ International and its health concept. I am also grateful to Dr. Lynn Tan for her tireless effort in educating the public on natural health. My family has benefited tremendously from her health crusade.

Hee Siaw Sin

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