“You look young. I guess you must be about 42 years old.” You know how flattered I am when people say that I look young when I am really reaching 50 this November. I really look and feel young after undergoing 2 weeks of your Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme. I happen to come across your magazine when I visited my doctor. I was diagnosed with hyper-tension and obesity. My blood pressure reading was 160/110 and my weight was 90 kg. My blood pressure is now normal at 140/90 and my weight is now at 83 kg (I lost 7 kg in 5 weeks).

What is important is I really look and feel young. I feel energetic and full of energy. I can run up to my office located on the fourth floor without any problem. In fact, I enjoy running up the staircase everyday. There must be discipline in this programme to make it effective. I never regretted going with this programme, even though I hesitated in the beginning.

“Take raw food, no sugar, no salt, and drink lots of distilled water.” This has been the advice of Dr. Lynn Tan. Always consult her when you are in doubt. She is the person who can motivate you and help put on the brakes if you have the craze for food that you should not be eating.

When I have a problem, I go for a “Coffee Break Down Under.” I just love it.

Light Nanis

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