I have been with NewLife™ for several years. My family and friends have all experienced tremendous benefits from a broad array of products which NewLife™ carries. Here, I wish to highlight one particular product which we always have on hand by relating some experiences of family and friends.

One day while my son was in college, he had food poisoning, accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. He did not know what to do; he was very weak, so he came home. He rang me up while I was working and told me what had happened to him. I asked my mother to give him 3 sachets of ImmuFlora immediately and advised him to drink Spirulina the following hour. After he had done this, he felt better. I advised him to take another 3 sachets of ImmuFlora to make sure the diarrhea stopped. He experienced no further symptoms.

On another occasion, my mother was experiencing some “old people’s sickness,” namely, high blood pressure, indigestion, diabetes, and gastritis. Previously, her diet had been very unhealthy and she was opposed to my healthy living habits. One day, she came to me and complained that she was having gastric pains, so I gave her 2 sachets of ImmuFlora. She felt relieved. I also gave her Peppermint Tea, which helps with digestion. Since then, she started to believe that alternative medicine could help her health conditions. She has been taking NewLife™’s Kelp, Apple Cider Vinegar, Vitamin C, Garlic & Parsley Oil, Spirulina, Chromium Picolinate, K Salt, ImmuFlora, and n.zimes PA Plus. Her health is getting better and better. She now can do some brisk walks, which she was unable to do before.

Lastly, my friend, Patricia Tan, was on vacation in Pulau Tioman. After she came back from the trip, she had a very bad case of food poisoning. That night, she drove to my house from Ampang and asked me for help. I sold her 15 sachets of ImmuFlora, which is half a box. She took 2 of them straight away; a few hours later, she took another 2. The diarrhea stopped; she was amazed by the effectiveness of ImmuFlora.

Tan Phaik Sim

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