I have just completed my 7-day Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme. Well! I can finally tell you what I experienced whilst on the programme. Last week (7 days) following the worker’s schedule, I started doing the early morning enemas which required getting up at 2 a.m. to do the enemas and leaving for,work at 4.00 a.m. I was determined to see improvements, so I wasn’t in the least bothered about doing the enemas at an early hour in the morning, plus taking in all the different drinks. My bowels moved more than 4 times a day, which was kind of unusual for me and visiting the small room frequently was something to get used to, as I am a flight stewardess and was doing this a lot in the aircraft.:)

Boy! Was I pleased with the results! Whilst being on the programme for 4 days, I experienced something else. Usually prior to my period, I would go through 3-4 days of abdominal pains, followed by the period. I had that for some years now and thought it was only normal.

WOW! I was surprised when my period came. I didn’t experience any pains at all, nor did I expect it to be as normal as it came. I was shocked that it was actually my period without the pains and it came so smoothly. I don’t suffer from anything else – only menstruation pains and excess weight that needs losing. And now I am determined to keep my body healthy and free of toxins.

I lost 5 kg, which was absolutely wonderful, but I’ve still got 10 kg to lose. Your advice on this will be much appreciated. My body is back to health and I feel really cleansed and look it too! My desire for chocolates and refined food has gone out of the window. I’ve completely taken a nose dive for healthy food and, of course, healthy living (through so many tips and highlights pointed out in the Healthy Living health magazine!).

Right now, I am on the maintenance programme and doing well. I shall place another order soon for some stocks, which are running low. My body still seems to be eliminating some toxins, so I must continue on with this process of regaining my health back to a youthful and vibrant body.

Once again, thank you for all the help. I feel great!

Rhonda Lundberg

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