For years I had suffered from chronic constipation. Daily I would literally pass out pebbles! As both of my parents had died of colon cancer, I am classified under the ‘high risk’ category.

As I do not want to succumb to a premature death sentence, I decided four years ago to change my lifestyle. I am very thankful to the person who introduced me to Dr. Lynn Tan’s Detoxification and Rejuvenation Programme (DRP) because it has changed my life tremendously.

During the first three days of the DRP, I could see marvelous things happening to me. To my amazement, I was not only healed of my constipation but also of many other underlying problems. I also lost three kg in water retention and I felt rejuvenated.

Before I did the DRP, I would get frequent migraines. During these migraine attacks, I would see flashes of light, distorted images followed by a terrible headache and severe vomiting. After the fifth day of the DRP, a healing reaction took place, with the migraine returning for three consecutive days. This time with only distorted images but no headache at all. To date, I can testify that the migraine never came back again.

Before I underwent the DRP, I also had serious endometriosis which nearly caused my fertility. I would suffer from excruciating pains. During every subsequent menstruation, I would experience heavy bleeding accompanied by blood clots. My gynecologist told me that since I had done my duty as a mother of two teenage girls, and was nearing menopausal age, I should have my womb removed, I was glad that I did not.

After the DRP, I follow the maintenance of the NewLife Health-Building Programme (NHBP), do regular Castor Oil Enema, and of course, follow the ‘Rebound For Health’ exercise.

Now, except for some dull cramps before menstruation, the endometriosis has been controlled considerably.

Someone has helped me, so it is my turn to do the same. Do not hesitate in doing the DRP because you have nothing to lose except for the toxins which are flushed out of your body. I have learned a lot from Dr. Lynn Tan and she has become a close friend since the day I met her. I have received so many blessings, and now it is my turn to bless others. I thank God for all that has happened.

Mabel Goh

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