My name is Chen Pek Yoke. I am a teacher in a kindergarten. It was quite a few years ago that I discovered I had a low blood count. I used to have fainting spells and dizziness, which occurred quite regularly. Through all this, I felt tired. I also had frequent mood swings and stomach discomfort during my menstrual cycle, which caused me to be very uncomfortable. Occasionally I had to go on sick leave.

Seven months ago, when I began taking NewLife™ Spirulina, all these symptoms stopped almost immediately. Plus to my surprise, my hemoglobin level increased quite tremendously. I have not had any fainting spells since. I no longer experience any pre-menstrual problems or discomfort during my monthly cycle. Now, I am on NewLife™ Spirulina daily and it has been great for me. It makes me feel more energetic and active throughout the entire day, week, and month!

I can assure all readers out there that NewLife™ Spirulina is truly a wonderful food for the whole family.

Pek Yoke

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