Malpighia Glabra found in Vitamin C Complex
Malpighia Glabra is an ingredient found in our Vitamin C Complex product as shown above.
Ingredients contained are not sold separately from the product unless it's the only ingredient.

Malpighia Glabra is a shrub in the genus Malpighia and family Malpighiaceae. It is also known as Acerola, Barbados cherry and West Indian Cherry. It is commonly found in United States, Brazil, Peru, Ghana, Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Canary Islands, India, Java, Hawaii, and Australia. It is commonly grown as an ornamental plant. Malpighia Glabra is very high in vitamin C (ascorbic acid) content. It is used in supplements because of its high vitamin C content and anti oxidant properties. It is also a popular bonsai subject due to its small leaf, fruit and fine ramification.

Malpighia glabra is one of three ingredients in a propriety herbal medicine for. Much publicity ensued featuring the fruit under the puerto rican name of acerola. A single fruit contains the minimum daily recommended vitamin c. Common names include acerola barbados cherry west indian cherry and wild. Punicifolia.

Malpighia glabra is a tropical fruit-bearing shrub or small tree in the family Malpighiaceae. Common names include Acerola, Barbados Cherry, West Indian Cherry (all three names may also refer to M. emarginata) and Wild Crapemyrtle.

Drawf Barbados Cherry or Malpighia glabra is a small shrub that easily lends to shaping. The plant produces small pink and white flowers. In my garden, this plant flowers and fruits several times each year. The fruits are small and globe shaped, often quickly consumed by birds.

It’s the Malpighiaceae family.

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