Apple Pectin Fiber found in Green Food
Apple Pectin Fiber is an ingredient found in our Green Food product as shown above.
Ingredients contained are not sold separately from the product unless it's the only ingredient.

Apple Pectin Fiber – Helps modulate blood glucose by slowing its absorption into the bloodstream. It also chelates toxins, such as heavy metals, in the intestinal tract. In addition, soluble fiber helps maintain normal cholesterol levels by binding the bile salts that cause the body to break down cholesterol to manufacture even more bile salts.

The apple pectin fiber found in apples has anti-inflammatory effects which alters the immune system in a positive way by stimulating the body to produce interleukin-4. Interleukin-4 primes immune cells so they can better fight off infection. Soluble fiber may be a natural way to reduce inflammation in the body — while keeping the immune system primed to fight off undesirable bacteria and viruses.

You can get these immune stimulating effects by eating a variety of soluble fiber sources such as fruits and vegetables – not just apple pectin fiber – although eating an apple is certainly a good choice.

Apples — One of the best fruits for shutting down hunger is the good old apple.  All varieties have the same hunger-squashing ability, and eating one 15 minutes before a meal, will have you consuming an average of 200 calories less at that meal .  This little apple before a meal trick, is enough to help you shed up to 20 pounds in a year, even if you do nothing else.  In addition to the apple pectin fiber expanding in your stomach, and making you feel fuller faster, the very act of chewing on something crunchy, actually helps signal the brain to feel fuller on far fewer calories .

Apple Pectin for Fiber, Colon Health and Lower Blood Cholesterol Apple pectin , a form of soluble dietary fiber, helps to maintain a healthy colon. … skin or dyeing hair , however, this ancient herb also has many health benefits .

Apple pectin starts off in the so-called meat of the apple. The fleshy parts and the skin of an apple are made up of tough fibrous bits that are chock-full of fiber and complex sugars and carbohydrates. To extract pectin, these fibrous parts of the apple are boiled and then treated with alcohol before being dried. The end result is a fine off-white powder that is traditionally reserved as a gelling agent for jams and pies, but you may get the skin benefits of apple pectin without smearing jelly on your face.

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