All honey originates from the same location, but labels with “raw”, “pure”, and “natural” could possibly get pretty perplexing. Raw honey is usually pure and natural, but pure and natural honeys aren’t always raw. Still seem challenging? Consider it the process:

Natural means no artificial additives and preservatives.

Pure means no additives whatsoever (even natural ones).

Raw means no additives or processing.

The U.S FDA has only strategies for honey labeling, but has no requirements. Consequently, manufacturers can use certain terms because they want, so for you as a consumer, you should utilize good sense to determine exactly what a label means.

Natural Honey

The word natural for just about any food, including honey, shows that it does not include any added color, artificial flavor, or synthetic substance, based on the USDA. However the term is unregulated, so the only method to make sure is to determine the component list for just about any artificial additives.

Pure Honey

With pure honey, no additional ingredients – for example sugar, corn syrup, or artificial or natural flavoring- shows up on the label. Pure honey can also be called clover or raspberry honey, based on which plant the bees derived their nectar from. (Beekeepers typically maintain their bees near certain plants solely, to make sure that the bees get nectar from only individuals plants.)

Raw Honey

Raw honey continues to be neither heated nor filtered. Unless of course the label has the word raw on the honey label, you are able to think that it’s processed. Most honeys, including pure and natural ones, are treated to avoid fermentation and preserve it inside a liquid condition to keep it from crystallizing. They result in the product more desirable to consumers shoppers generally prefer to get a container of obvious, golden honey, because that is what we are accustomed to. Advocates for eating raw honey believe in the likes of conventional honey, may be passing up on certain benefits such as better taste, more enzymes, more antioxidants, the potentiality to relieve allergic reactions.

And that is the summary with honey! Which are you going to choose?

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