Toothpaste ingredients are classified as, either active or inactive. Active ingredients are those, that strengthen and protect the teeth from bacteria. They work to improve your dental health . On the other hand, inactive ingredients do not clean your teeth. They are added to keep the texture, and improve the taste of the toothpaste.

You can analyze the toothpaste ingredients list of your chosen brand against the standard prescribed by the experts to analyze for any kind of flaws in them. Of course, it might sound silly but it is important that you ensure the safety of your family as these toothpaste ingredients are something that you consume or are in contact with every day and certain level of these toothpaste contents remain in your mouth even after you wash them off. So they are apparently affecting your mouth and teeth and you should hence be free from any kind of toothpaste ingredients that could harm your body in anyway.

Herbal extracts – natural toothpaste ingredients often contain herbs. Herbs have side effects and drug interactions. With frequent use, they could also cause of allergies. Many products add herbal extracts and oils for marketing and call their products ‘natural’.

Newlife International Tootpaste contains :
Calcium Carbonate
Vegetable Glycerin
Irish Moss
Bee Propolis
Spearmint Oil
Teatree Oil
Peppermint Oil
Fennel Oil
Coconut Oil Extract
Licorice Root Extract

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