After a year into NewLife’s programmes for healing, I feel it is timely for me to share with you about the tremendous changes that I have been blessed with.

I had an incredible array of health problems including:

  • Stress tension, aches to neck and back
  • Knee cap aches – confirmed with a diagnosed high uric acid level
  • High cholesterol reading of 5.6
  • Hormonal imbalance – estrogen dominance which was tested through a sample tissue test
  • 12 years of excessive weight gain, unable to reduce from 160 lbs no matter how hard I tried (previous weight before marriage was 120 lbs).
  • Excessive water retention
  • Poor immune function. Monthly sore throats sometimes causing a complete loss of voice. Either first or second person to get sick in the office

Fortunately for me, a friend introduced me to NewLife™ and I began my healing adventure. The results were remarkable. Immediately after a 7-day course of DRP, tests confirmed a reduction in my cholesterol to 3.8, an obvious increase in energy which speeds-up weight loss and a decrease in my aches and pains. I can attest that, “now there is nothing left!”

After the 7-day DRP, I fervently made a lifestyle and diet change (in fact, my whole family has). We practiced juicing and avoided foods which contributed to my ill-health in the first place. In the 6 months that followed, my weight eventually reduced and now maintains at 115 lbs. My buttock has firmed up as a result of rebounding exercises daily. My immune system is now the complete opposite of what it was as I hardly fall ill – which, obviously means that there is a huge reduction in my medical bills! In my last estrogen (hormonal) test, results revealed that there is no longer an imbalance. The amazing fact of all this is that my body has healed without the use of synthetic drugs or hormones.

Right now, working at peak periods as a tax agent is no longer a drag as I have so much energy that coping with stresses is made easier! With my shapely figure at this age, I am a walking testimony to all who know me. All glory be to God for this wonderful body that I have been endowed with.

(Footnote: Mrs. Tan followed and still follows page 26 of the DRP booklet, and adds many quality juices made using the NewLife Alpha Juicer).

Tan Cheow Yen

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