Max Gerson was a medical doctor who used diet and other natural treatments to deal with cancer. His approach was developed as a combination of trial-and-error methods and a vast amount of reading of the scientific literature.

Gerson Therapy is based on the belief that toxic substances accumulate in the body, causing disease. In particular, Gerson’s supporters believe that chemical contaminants in food reduce its potassium content while elevating its sodium content. Additional sodium from food processing and cooking adds more sodium, increasing this purported imbalance. The belief holds that this imbalance changes cellular metabolism, causing cancer. Gerson Therapy seeks to reduce sodium and increase potassium in patients cells through a fruit and vegetable diet, coffee enemas and various injections, enzymes and nutritional supplements.

Max Gerson  (18 October 1881-8 March 1959) was a German  physician  who developed the  Gerson Therapy , an  alternative dietary therapy  which he claimed could cure cancer and most chronic, degenerative diseases. Gerson described his approach in the book  A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases . However, when Gerson’s claims were independently evaluated by the  National Cancer Institute  (NCI), it was found that Gerson’s records lacked the basic information necessary to systematically evaluate his claims. The NCI concluded that Gerson’s data showed no benefit from his treatment.   The therapy is considered scientifically unsupported and potentially hazardous.

Gerson therapy is still actively promoted by his daughter, Charlotte Gerson, through lectures, talk show appearances, and publications of the Gerson Institute in Bonita, California. Gerson protocols have included liver extract injections, ozone enemas, “live cell therapy,” thyroid tablets, royal jelly capsules, linseed oil, castor oil enemas, clay packs, laetrile, and vaccines made from influenza virus and killed Staphylococcus aureus bacteria.

Max Gerson was a medical doctor who used diet and other natural treatments to deal with cancer. His approach was developed as a combination of trial-and-error methods and a vast amount of reading of the scientific literature.

Max Gerson personally discovered the power of a salt-less diet, when he found that diet to be the solution for his debilitating Migraine headaches.  By studying his patients, he made several important discoveries about the Sodium and Potassium in the body.

Coffee enema benefits were later  researched by Max Gerson and added to his formula. They were discovered  to stimulate the liver and increase bile production thus increasing the  rate of toxin expulsion. Coffee was also discovered to contain  ‘palmitates’ which can help rid the body of free-floating cancer-causing  radicals.

Coffee enemas were an established part of medical practice when Dr. Max Gerson introduced them into cancer therapy in the 1930s. Basing himself on German laboratory work, Gerson believed that caffeine could stimulate the liver and gall bladder to discharge bile. He felt this process could contribute to the health of the cancer patient.

There are two books associated with the Gerson therapy; the first is “A Cancer Therapy, The Results of 50 Cases” written by the doctor himself, just before he died and his daughters book “The Gerson Therapy” by Charlotte Gerson. His clinics are still in operation today, one in Mexico and the other in Hungary. The Gerson therapy also claims their diet will affect a cure in a number of other non cancerous illnesses as well. Some of them are; atherosclerosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes type 1 and 2, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and arthritis.

Juicing is an essential component of the Gerson Therapy. To ensure reliable results, the Gerson patient will need to purchase an appropriate juicer. We recommend using the Alpha Juicer DA900 for its ease of use to juice, keeping the enzymes alive and ease of cleaning up.

Aside from strict diet and detoxifications, Gerson therapy also involves medication or supplement consumption. Medications are classified as biologicals which means all materials are organically produced within therapeutic amounts. Some of the supplements includes potassium compound, lugol’s solution, vitamin B-12, thyroid hormone, injectable crude liver extract, pancreatic enzymes and coffee enemas.

With its whole-body approach to healing, the Gerson Therapy naturally reactivates your body’s magnificent ability to heal itself — with no damaging side-effects. Over 200 articles in respected medical literature, and thousands of people cured of their “incurable” diseases document the Gerson Therapy’s effectiveness. The Gerson Therapy is one of the few treatments to have a 60 year history of success.

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