I often had headaches and a backache whenever my menses cycle was due. Usually I consumed pain killers to suppress these symptoms. Our ex-Admin. Manager, Ms. Jeanne Lim, was concerned about my poor health and introduced my husband and I to Dr. Lynn Tan’s Detoxification and Rejuvenation Programme (DRP). We decided to undergo the DRP, and we equipped ourselves with the NewLife Alpha Juicer, Distiller, Rebounder, and Yogurt Maker to aid in the process.

I learned more about how the DRP and other NewLife products work to restore health by treating the root causes behind any illness.

On day 6 of the DRP, I vomited after the coffee enema, then learned that I had symptoms of a back-flow of my bile juices. I decided to undergo the Gallstone Flush. I passed out countless gallstones that looked like green beans. I repeated the process the following day and no more green stones were passed out, thus confirming that I was cleared of gallstones.

I feel rejuvenated; all the pain has disappeared. My husband, Mr. Albert Tan, received many compliments that he now looks much healthier. The DRP has also helped him to stop smoking; now he even dislikes the smell of cigarettes. He is also able to swim 40 laps without resting, which he had not been able to do before.

We wish to extend our appreciation to Ms. Jeanne Lim for sharing with us about NewLife. Our family will continue to consume NewLife products to maintain good health.

Sharon Ng

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