I was asthmatic since childhood; each visit to the doctor would only increase my medicine dosage. I experienced regular pain during my monthly menstruation, which led to cold sweats and eventually brought much fear during my monthly menstrual cycles. Besides these ailments, I also experienced pain and discomfort in my backbone. My physical conditions deteriorated further at the age of 25 after having my daughter through a caesarean birth. Within a span of 3 years, I was hospitalized 3 times. As a result of poor health, I left my work after seven years as a legal firm secretary to become a homemaker in early 2002.

The wake-up call came when one of my friends shared with me about his “gallstone flush” miracle! I began this treatment almost immediately. On December 28-29, I witnessed the ‘unloading’ of gallstones, which had troubled me for many years! Combined with many rounds of the Detoxification and Rejuvenation Programme (DRP) these past 2 years, my body is now renewed. The pain often experienced during my menstrual cycle is totally gone. Apart from that, my spinal pain has diminished, and I no longer have to depend on any medication for my asthma. These days, I can even enjoy working in my garden, which was impossible for me in the past.

Housekeeping and outdoor activities have become more enjoyable and effortless!

I want to thank Dr. Lynn Tan, NewLife staff in PJ, and my supportive husband for my renewed body. Currently, I am maintaining my health on the 5 Essentials, a low-salt diet, more fruit and vegetables, less meat, regular exercises, and least I forget – the ‘coffee down under’!

Michelle Tang

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