I learned about Detoxification and Rejuvenation Programme (DRP) in late 2000 and began my first round almost right away, with regular maintenance every 6 months. After the DRP, the gout I had been suffering from for 10 years was healed, and the pinkish sore on my big toe subsided substantially. Prior to that, I was visiting the doctor every 2-3 months for medication and an injection, if the pain were excruciating.

28 December 2002 witnessed an unforgettable day for my 53-year-old body! Praise the Lord that at that time, the gallstones from which I had been suffering for years were flushed out!

I started with 1 week of Dr. Lynn’s DRP, followed by 1 week of stone softening. It ended with 2 nights of drinking 6 oz. of olive oil, combined with 6 oz. of lemon juice before retiring.

On the first day of the flush, around 1 dozen loose stones, together with a string of gallstones, were eliminated. Another dozen were flushed out through subsequent bowel movements (see photo) the next day.

Before the gallstone flush, I often felt nauseated and had a poor appetite. Now I feel great and have regained the energy and stamina to travel and work. I am thankful for the ease in flushing out the gallstones, eliminating the need for surgery.

I now maintain good health through the use of coffee enemas, the Five Essentials, and a proper diet. I strongly encourage everyone to use the DRP, especially those suffering from illness. In conclusion, I must say that my exposure to the DRP and healthy living has brought much blessing to me, despite my hectic schedule and frequent travel!

Michael Lee

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