For 14 years, I suffered from serious gout problems. Everyday I had to take medications to ease the pain and control the gout, and yet it did not help at all! The problem was so serious that my legs were swollen. For 2 years, I could not wear shoes. I am a uniformed officer in my job, so not wearing shoes for work definitely created a bad image for me. Moreover, I was really overweight, weighing 70 kg at only 5’2″.

I searched around for ways to solve my problems, but failed. Eventually, one of my colleagues, who is a NewLife™ products user, advised me to take up Dr. Lynn Tan’s Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme (DRP). Eager to be healed, I started the programme immediately and went through the 7 days programme, followed by a Therapeutic & Health-Building Programme (THBP). The swollen parts of my legs healed gradually during and after the DRP. Finally I could wear my shoes properly and was back to be smart looking in my uniform again. In addition, I lost about 6 kg and my skin is now smoother than before.

Thank you to Dr. Lynn Tan and my colleague, both of whom have brought “NewLife” to me!

Hedwing Goliun

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