Being like any typical 18 year old, I was coping with schoolwork and then busy enjoying myself during the December holidays where I joined my sister in Australia for two weeks as she had just graduated.

Overseas, I started to realize that I had a frequent urge to release my stools, especially after meals, but most of the time they were not real bowel movements. I mainly passed air with some sticky mucus and blood stains. This shocked me, so I sought treatment immediately upon returning to Singapore.

After a colonoscopy check, I was informed that my intestines and colon contained multiple polyps; not just one or two-over a hundred of them! My entire family and I were in a state of utter shock. Specialists connected it to a genetic inheritance and warned me that they would probably turn malignant in my twenties. I was given antibiotics, which helped to stop the mucus and blood. We then arranged for a follow up in 3 months’ time, and if necessary, major surgery.

It just so happened that it was at Chinese New Year, and a relative of mine who was visiting heard about the problem. She immediately recommended that I start on Dr. Lynn Tan’s Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme (DRP). My family and I were so excited that there was an alternative, that I started it as soon as possible.

I followed the DRP strictly for just 4 days. Healing reactions including headaches and extreme nausea followed. I even vomited twice on the 3rd day. I then followed the mini DRP and daily coffee enemas whilst on a highly controlled diet for another 2-3 weeks. I was on home-cooked meals with minimum salt, Cleansing Drinks, Tissue-Building Drinks, ImmuFlora, Dr. Brusch Essiac Tea, Distilled Water, and loads of juice with Super Green Food & K-salt.

Exactly a month later, I had a follow-up check with my specialist. The tests revealed that my rectum was cleared of the ulcers and redness. Next, the colonoscopy showed that I was back to normal with those 100-plus polyps gone! They actually disappeared!

Now, I maintain my regime with regular coffee enemas done once daily and eat a healthier diet. I am also on the 5 Essentials consisting of the necessary fiber, friendly bacteria, potassium, Flaxseed oil, and phyto nutrients. My overall appetite has also improved. I would say that through this experience, I have learned to live healthier at a young age, along with my family. I would like to thank all concerned for the help given to me throughout this process. To all those who are still on their road to recovery, determination and confidence are two very important attitudes for your recovery, so keep it up!

Han Jin Cheng

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