I had very irregular menstrual periods since 1985. It was so bad that when they came, they would last for a month. The diagnosis was gross hormonal imbalance leading to uterine bleeding and fertility problems. I had to take hormone pills daily and fertility pills whenever I wanted to conceive.

The irregular periods and excessive bleeding caused me to be weak and mentally worried. I was also prone to shiver whenever I was in the presence of a fan or an air-conditioner.

In March 1997, I decided to go ahead with Dr. Lynn Tan’s Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme. I also stopped taking the hormone and fertility pills. The results were fabulous! The abnormal uterine bleeding stopped and I began to experience normal periods. I could even sleep in an air-conditioned room without a blanket covering me. The only healing crisis I had was rashes and a painful left arm for a few days. As an extra bonus, I also lost 10 pounds.

It made me feel so good that I did my second Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme in June this year. I plan to do the 3rd programme in September (1997). I am very thankful for the wonderful natural products from NewLife™ International, and I am grateful to my husband for his support all this time.

Ooi Bee Leng

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