When I first embarked on Dr. Lynn’s Detoxification and Rejuvenation Programme (DRP), I lost 10 pounds. Losing weight was really a bonus, and moreover, I felt well and healthier after undergoing the DRP. Having known the benefits of DRP, I soon followed up with my second round of DRP. Upon completion, I was truly glad to find that my backache and sinus problems were completely gone. These two problems were a constant pain and discomfort. I feel my body has been rejuvenated back to a healthy stage now.

I also underwent a gall bladder flush, which flushed out 40-50 gallstones! Just imagine how you would feel having these abnormalities in your body! It is much more difficult to rebuild a broken down body than to maintain a healthy one.

I certainly feel renewed energy and vitality after each round of DRP. I am so much more alert, whereas in the past, I would always get tired, no matter what I did.

Ms. Quay Ai Leng

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