I am a well-built, 61-year-old British consultant. Until I found out how bad my physical condition was, I had been feeling very energetic and healthy. Beginning July 1997, I noticed my feet and ankles were swelling. It became so bad that I could not even put on my socks.

Doctors could not determine what was wrong with me until February 1998.

At that time, a medical report showed that my blood pressure was 180/110. The doctor jumped the wall! He said I could collapse anytime. My total cholesterol was high, and my glucose level was high too (which meant I was diabetic as well). I was immediately put on medications to control my blood pressure and cholesterol. To make things worse, four months later, I became impotent.

I met with Dr. George Jeremiah, M.D., who recommended that I see Dr. Lynn Tan. Dr. Lynn put me on a two-week regime of the Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme. It was a tough time for me as I was on my own. I found myself spending most of my time either in the kitchen making nutritional drinks or in the toilet taking coffee enemas.

However, I found the effort was well worth it because my blood pressure, blood sugar, total cholesterol, and my manhood vitality were all restored to normal after completing the programme. My weight also dropped from 136 kg to 106.5 kg. It has been more than a year since that time and I am still feeling fine and healthy.

Duncan Owers

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