Spearmint Oil found in Toothpaste El-Natural *3 [Carnival21]
Spearmint Oil is an ingredient found in our Toothpaste El-Natural *3 [Carnival21] product as shown above.
Ingredients contained are not sold separately from the product unless it's the only ingredient.

Spearmint oil belongs to the mint family and is a relative of mint and peppermint. Sweet, subtle and refreshing are the words that describe spearmint. ? Spearmint oil derived from steam distillation of leaves of menthe spicata grown in uttar pradesh (india). One of the major components is l-carvone and limonene and it has major use in oral care and chewing gums, perfumes, cosmetics, analgesic balms, ointments, lotions, creams, tooth paste shampoos and conditioners. Spearmint oil? S appearance is straw yellow to light yellow and has a strong and penetrating odour.

Spearmint oil and lemon grass oil are two essential oils that are commonly used in conjunction to complete many tasks with bees. A simple general purpose essential oil mixture can be used for many things, including avoiding the reliance on smoke when opening hives.

Spearmint Oil (Mentha spicata): The oil is obtained from the spearmint plant, it has bright green pointed leaves, square shaped stems and pale lilac colored flowers. This aromatic perennial produces menthol from which the menthol crystals are formed. This refreshing, cooling and warming oil is extracted from the plants stems and leaves by steam distillation. The fragrance (perfume) is highly penetrating and minty. Throughout history, spearmint oil has been used for treating headaches, mental fatigue, nervous stress, dizziness, shock, motion sickness and fainting.

Spearmint oil (essential oil of Mentha spicata ) was extracted from Turkish mint-plant leaves using supercritical CO 2 in a basket-type extractor. Effects of temperature, pressure, extraction time, amount of CO 2 , and entrainer (ethanol) concentration on composition of essential-oil extracts and oil yield, relative to hydro-distillation, were investigated. Relative yields were as high as 80%. Monoterpenes fraction in extracts was inversely correlated with relative oil yields. Monoterpenes were preferentially extracted by CO 2 due to their high vapor pressure, low molar mass and low polarity. Supercritical extraction presented advantages over the conventional hydro-distillation by yielding extracts lower in monoterpenes fraction and by enabling high yields at temperatures safe for the heat-sensitive essential oil.

Spearmint oil is used for flavoring tooth pastes too. It is popularly used in confectionaries and other preparations. Since its effect is less powerful than peppermint, it is better suited for children. It is an effective insecticide.

Spearmint oil is extracted from the flowering tops by steam distillation method. China, India and USA are the major producers of Spearmint oil. This oil is generally colorless to pale yellow or yellowish green in color. Spearmint has a comparatively lower amount of menthol than peppermint. It has a sweet, cool, minty, refreshing and a floral aroma. Spearmint oil blends well with Jasmine oil, Eucalyptus oil, Rosemary oil, Basil oil and lavender oil. It is also used for flavoring chewing gums, candies, pharmaceutical products, toothpastes and few other dental products.

Spearmint oil is an essential oil derived from the plant metha spicata , which is a member of the mint family. The oil has found a wide range of applications in human society, for its rich aroma and medicinal properties. Know more about spearmint oil, its uses and benefits.

Spearmint oil is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C , and has antiseptic, disinfectant, antispasmodic, cephalic, antifungal, anti-bacterial and stimulative properties. Due to its antiseptic and disinfectant properties, spearmint oil can be used to heal minor wounds. It can be effective in healing ulcers, including those of the stomach and intestine. One of the active compounds found in spearmint oil is menthol, which has shown antispasmodic properties. Therefore, it can provide relief in abdominal cramps, cough, muscle cramps and nervous convulsions.

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