Petitgrain found in Liquid Soap Castile
Petitgrain is an ingredient found in our Liquid Soap Castile product as shown above.
Ingredients contained are not sold separately from the product unless it's the only ingredient.

Petitgrain essential oil is known as an effective nerve tonic as it soothes and strengthens the nerves and the nervous system. It can function well as a sedative as it promotes nerve health and helps calm anxiety and irritations that contribute to insomnia. The scent of petitgrain essential oil is also uplifting and can help overcome depressive moods, anxiety and stress.

Petitgrain oil is often used in perfumes. It has a warm, citrusy scent that uplifts the mood. And this is the key to the oil’s efficacy in addressing hormonal imbalance. Petitgrain oil’s ability to enhance mood and improve psychic state contributes to balanced hormones in both men and women. Petitgrain contains a mood stabilizing compound called phytoestrogen. This compound is responsible for the oil’s calming effects.

Most people like the scent and Petitgrain is also one of the safest oils with practically no contraindications.

This is a great oil.  It comes from the same tree as Neroli. Petitgrain Bigarade  ( Citrus aurantium var amara ) is extracted from the leaves, Neroli from the blossom. Very productive tree! Originally this oil came from the unripened fruit of the tree, hence the name “Petit Grain” which means “Little Fruit.” It has a mild, slightly citrus scent that makes you feel a tiny bit better when you smell it.

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