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Nett / Content : 1x tubing, 1x stopper
Packaging Dimensions : 15cm * 15cm * 5cm
Packaging Weight : 39 gm
Made of high-grade plastic, it comes with a tube (not sold separately) that is designed for easier insertion. 150cm when extended. It is normal for the tube to lose it's blue color after several use.

How To Use The Enema Bucket Set

When you first purchase the Enema Bucket Set, the blue cap that covers the tip of the enema tube may be discarded. The lubrication that came straight from the factory is to help you with your first insertion.

Invest in an “S” hook to hang the bucket about 3 feet high (approximately the height of a doorknob).

With the stopper in a closed position, pour the coffee enema into the bucket.

Making sure that the tip of the enema tube is above the content’s water level, set the stopper to an opened position.

Remove all air bubbles from the enema tube by holding the end of the enema tube and letting the coffee enema through.

Once all air bubbles have been removed, set the stopper into a closed position.

You may now lay down on the floor and insert 2 to 3 inches of the enema tube into your anus and set the stopper into an opened position to administer the coffee enema.

When the coffee enema has been fully administered, set the stopper to a closed position before pulling out.

The tube may be snapped onto the rim of the bucket to prevent dripping.

How To Wash The Enema Bucket Set

After the enema equipment is used, wash the anal tube with soap and rinse the whole set generously with water.

Allow the water to drain completely out of the tubing.

Rinse the enema bucket with 2 capfuls of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide.

Allow the liquid to run through and out from the anal tube.

Hang the set to dry.

To avoid infection, it is important that you keep your enema equipment clean and sterilized after each use.

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