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Contents :

Complete with Enema Bag
Two pieces tubing
Two pieces stopcock
One piece anal tube
One piece vaginal tube

Product of Italy

Suitable for travel, this enema bag set is collapsable and packed neatly into a suitcase.

Made out of latex (rubber), enema bags have the capacity to hold no less than two quarts of the coffee enema. This indicates that the enema can reach higher into the colon to thoroughly clean the colon of constipated, impacted feces, along with other harmful substances.

Most enema bags have an adjustable flow. The adjustable flow on an enema bag is most beneficial in instances of severe constipation, due to the fact the flow might be adjusted to ensure that the enema administering nozzle does not turn into clogged with fecal matter.

Enema bags include two nozzles. Though one of the nozzles is intended for enemas and the other is intended for feminine douching, both nozzles may be utilized interchangeably.

The “enema bags” are not used to catch the waste produced by the enema.

They are utilized to hold the actual enema fluids though they’re being placed in the patient. They hang from an IV pole about 18 inches above the patient while they’re being instilled. The patient is then allowed to go towards the restroom or get on to a bed pan to pass out the waste.

If you are doing this at home, you can instead, hang it on the doorknob which is about 3 feet high as you lie on the floor.

Enemas can alleviate symptoms of constipation and IBS by thoroughly cleansing the colon and thereby reducing toxic overload. Clearing the colon of waste material can lead to improved bowel function, a strengthened immune system and restored ph balance.


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