Echinacca found in Herbal Tea Morlife
Echinacca is an ingredient found in our Herbal Tea Morlife product as shown above.
Ingredients contained are not sold separately from the product unless it's the only ingredient.

Echinacca has long been used clinically for conditions where its pharmacological actions have proven efficacy, especially in infections. Clinical studies have demonstrated effectiveness in a number of infectious conditions. Although many of the studies have utilized injectable preparations, oral preparations are generally thought to yield similar or even better results.

Echinacca purpurea enhances the immune system. It was traditionally combined with blood purifiers to combat degenerative diseases.

Echinacca is an herb native to the U.S. that was first used by Native Americans to treat sore throats, wounds, and snake bites. The early pioneers saw its value in fighting infection and it was a popular cold remedy until the introduction of antibiotics in the 1930’s — and now that an herbal revolution is occurring its sales are soaring.

Echinacca seems to have been used as a remedy for more ailments than any other plant.” Meyer, the German Jay physician who first introduced ECHINACEA to the medical profession, learned of its healing virtues from Native Americans (possibly the Pawnee or Omaha) living in Nebraska at the time. Most of the information we have on the ethnobotany of Echinacea comes from tribes that roamed the great plains region. For a thorough review of the ethnobotany of echinacea, see Hobbs (1989) and Foster (1991).

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