The biggest benefit you can gain from drinking distilled water is that it is cleaner and purer than tap water.

Arthritis, hardening of the arteries, diabetes, gallstones, kidney stones and cataracts have been allied with drinking impure water. Distilled water is said to break up mineral deposits and play an important role in the treatment and prevention of such diseases. Many experts say drinking distilled water removes much irritation from the kidneys and also increases the purity of the blood stream, thereby strengthening not only the kidneys, but also the body organs. Many medical patients troubled with kidney and bladder infections are reported to have seen their symptoms vanish after drinking only distilled water.

Distilled water has the inherent characteristics of a magnet which picks up discarded minerals and with the assistance of the blood and the lymph, transports them to the kidneys for elimination. It is this kind of mineral elimination that is erroneously referred to as “leaching”; the expression that distilled water leaches minerals from the body is inaccurate. It does not leach out body minerals – it collects and removes inorganic minerals which have been rejected by the cells and tissues and which, if not evacuated, can cause arterial obstruction and serious bodily damage.

Distilled water acts as a solvent in the body. It dissolves food substances so they can be assimilated and taken into every cell. It dissolves inorganic mineral substances, acid crystals and all other waste products so that these can be eliminated in the process of purifying the body. As distilled water enters the body, it picks up mineral deposits accumulated in the joints, artery walls or wherever such deposits occur and begins to carry them out. Gallstones and kidney stones decrease until they can safely pass through their ducts. Arthritic pains lessen as joints become more supple and moveable.

Does distilled water rob the body of essential minerals? Distillation removes such contaminating dangers as fluorides, chlorine and impurities from the air, earth and plumbing. It also removes those inorganic minerals which the body cannot assimilate. There are two kinds of minerals: organic and inorganic. Our bodies receive inorganic minerals from the water we drink. They receive organic minerals from the food we eat. Distilled water both prevents inorganic minerals from entering the body’s system and removes inorganic mineral deposits already there. Organic minerals are absorbed and remain in the tissues.

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