Blessed Thistle found in Essiac Tea
Blessed Thistle is an ingredient found in our Essiac Tea product as shown above.
Ingredients contained are not sold separately from the product unless it's the only ingredient.
Blessed Thistle is also commonly referred to as Holy Thistle or Spotted Thistle, and it as a type of herb that originated mainly from Germany.

Blessed thistle leaves, stems and flowers are traditionally used as a “bitter” tonic to enhance appetite and digestion; blessed thistle is also sometimes included in the anti-cancer herbal remedy, Essiac. There are remarkably few clinical trials evaluating these effects. Like many other herbs, blessed thistle has been tested in vitro for its antimicrobial, anticancer and anti-inflammatory effects, with some positive results. No controlled trials have documented clinical benefits in humans. A number of European multi-herb preparations containing blessed thistle are available. The only apparent side effects are allergic reactions in sensitive individuals and gastric irritation with very high dosages. The safety of blessed thistle for use during pregnancy, lactation and childhood has not been evaluated.

Blessed thistle has been suggested as a treatment for many conditions, but there is not enough scientific evidence to support the use of blessed thistle for any medical condition. Blessed thistle may increase the risk of bleeding and may aggravate stomach ulcer diseases. It should be avoided in pregnant or breast-feeding women and in children. Consult your health care provider immediately if you have any side effects.

Blessed thistle contains sesquiterpene lactones including cnicin (bitter index = 1:1,800) (0.20.7%), tannins (8%), high mineral content (mainly potassium, manganese, magnesium, and calcium), lignan lactones (lignanolides), phytosterols, triterpenoids, volatile oils (0.3%), and small amounts of flavonoids and poly-ynes (polyacetylenes) (Bradley, 1992; Leung and Foster, 1996; Newall et al., 1996; Wichtl and Bissett, 1994).

Blessed Thistle is taken by mouth to relieve indigestion and diarrhea. It may also be taken to improve appetite. It is used to strengthen the heart, and is useful in all remedies for lung, kidney, and especially liver problems. It is also used as a brain food for stimulating the memory. It is used in remedies for menopause and for menstrual cramping. This herb is often used by lactating women to stimulate blood flow to the mammary glands and to increase the flow of milk. It has sometimes been used as a herb to promote lactation. Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding should avoid taking Blessed Thistle because not enough is known about how it might affect developing babies or infants.

Blessed thistle is also thought to help clear out the liver. That makes it an excellent tonic for purifying the body and fighting the effects of toxins. It’s also, interestingly enough, been linked to reducing inflammation and cancer. However, not enough research has been done to show exactly how it does this.

Blessed thistle can be taken in many forms including capsules, tinctures, and teas. You can make a tea of blessed thistle by adding a teaspoon or two of the dried leaves to hot water. The tea can be consumed two or three times a day.

Blessed Thistle Herbal Supplement has been used traditionally to stimulate menstruation and should be avoided during pregnancy. Excess use of Blessed Thistle (many times the recommended dosage) may cause vomiting, but Blessed Thistle is generally considered to be safe when used by mouth in recommended doses for short periods of time. Direct contact with Blessed Thistle can cause skin and eye irritation and should be handled carefully to avoid skin problems. If you are allergic to other members of the Compositae (daisy, ragwort, chamomile) family of plants, you may be allergic to Blessed Thistle.

Blessed Thistle is also commonly referred to as Holy Thistle or Spotted Thistle, and it as a type of herb that originated mainly from Germany. Since primitive times, Blessed Thistle has been used wideely by nursing women to help boost milk flow in ladies whom have just given birth and are breastfeeding their babdies. Apart from being effective to help increase the bust size of a lady, Bless thistle has also been known to be really effective at remedying appeitite loss and indigestion problems.

The Blessed Thistle is an annual plant with gray-green, prickly leaves. It can grow up to 40 centimeters in height. The yellow flower heads are a few centimeters long. This Thistle is related to the cichoriaceae and grows in the coastal regions of the Mediterranean, western Asia, South Africa, South America, and is occasionally found wild in North America. It is also cultivated for pharmaceutical purposes. Flowering season is during the entire summer. It has a bitter flavor.

Women also take blessed thistle to help release breast milk with a nursing infant. However, blessed thistle shouldn’t be taken if you are pregnant. However, if you’re nursing and are no longer pregnant, this can be an effective way to prevent mastitis.

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