Hypertension, also known as “High Blood Pressure” (HBP), is a medical condition where one has a blood pressure that is higher than normal. Although our blood pressure does change throughout the day depending on what we are doing, those with hypertension have blood pressures that are consistently above normal ranges.

Why is hypertension so dangerous?

While hypertension is usually not seen as a harmful or fatal illness on its own, that’s part of the reason why it is dangerous. Most people would “normalize” the condition and control it with the use of medication without considering it further.

Hypertension should be something that we are concerned about because it has been established as a major risk factor for stroke, heart disease, and renal dysfunction. Research shows that hypertension plays a central role in the development of these diseases, so if one has high blood pressure, it can be an early warning sign of what is to come if lifestyle changes are not made.

Early Signs

If you are constantly feeling dizzy or lightheaded, this could be a sign that your blood pressure is getting too high.

Additional symptoms to look out for include:

  • Fatigue, dizziness, lightheadedness, and headaches
  • Chest pain or shortness of breath
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Swelling in the feet or ankles

Factors that increases your risk of hypertension

Two words, lifestyle choices.

  • Smoking
    • Obesity
      • Consuming too much salt
        • Lack of exercise

The reality is that even though it may seem difficult to make such a big change, once you take some small steps in the right direction, it gets progressively easier from there!

Potassium K Salt Form NewLife International

Hypertension Solutions:

Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme (DRP)

The DRP is a great way to kick start your lifestyle changes and acts as an “overhaul” for the entire body. We have seen countless people experience normalized blood pressure within the first week of the programme without medication or with reduced dosage! It is not just short-term results as well, as most are able to maintain normal levels after the programme with some dietary and lifestyle adjustments.

During the DRP, your body is fed with a wide array of nutrients that are essential for the body and not found in our normal diet, while Coffee Enemas and Herbal Klenz Powder help to promote detoxification from the liver and the digestive system. 

Low Sodium Diet with a Daily Intake of Apple Cider Vinegar, Honey, and K-Salt

One of the most common causes of hypertension is the high sodium intake in most of our diets. Sodium is found in salt and all savoury seasonings. While sodium is naturally found in fruits and vegetables, what happens when we have so much added through our seasoning is that the natural levels are off-balance and the body will need to make adjustments internally.

What the body does to balance out our excessive sodium intake is to absorb more water into the cells. This is why you tend to feel thirsty after a salty meal. This water helps to dilute the concentration of sodium in the cells. The side effect of this, however, is that with the additional water retained in cells, intracellular pressure is increased and this causes higher blood pressure!

Since most of us can’t escape from having the extra sodium intake in our diet, the only solution would be to supplement with potassium to balance the sodium intake. Potassium helps to push excess sodium out of the body (through urine) and reduce water retention.

Our recommendation would be to drink 3-4 glasses of Apple Cider Vinegar (1 tsp) with Pure Raw Honey (1 tsp) and K-Salt(1/4 tsp). Apple Cider Vinegar is high in potassium along with many vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.
K-Salt is a potassium salt blend and is a formula developed by the late Dr. Max Gerson after more than 300 experiments! 

By supplementing with potassium reducing our salt intake as much as possible, we would be able to maintain much healthier blood pressure and prevent other cardio-vascular-related issues.


Niacin (Vitamin B3)

One of the 8 water-soluble vitamins from the vitamin B family, niacin is a key nutrient for better cardiovascular health. The key function of niacin is that it is a major component of the coenzymes nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADP), which are involved in over 400 biochemical reactions in your body—mainly related to obtaining energy from the food that we eat.

One of the other effects that niacin has on the body is that it releases prostaglandins that help to widen our blood vessels. This increases blood flow and reduces blood pressure in the body. Health experts believe that niacin can play a key role in both the prevention and treatment of hypertension.

In an observational study of over 12,000 adults, researchers found that each 1mg increase in daily niacin intake was associated with a 2% decrease in high blood pressure risk—with the lowest overall high blood pressure risk seen at a daily niacin intake of 14.3-16.7mg per day.

Another high-quality study also noted that single doses of 100mg and 500mg of niacin slightly reduced ventricular systolic pressure.

Stress Management and Exercise

Along with the supplements and dietary recommendations above, one of the key factors that can help with improving blood pressure and preventing cardiovascular conditions is stress management and regular exercise.
Chronic stress is one of the risk factors for hypertension and many other conditions, while exercise can help to lower blood pressure and improve heart health and strength. The good news is that regular exercise helps with stress management as well, so these two points can be tackled at the same time!

You can start with moderate walking or rebounding on the NewLife™ Rebounder 3 times a day for 10-15 minutes each. The most important thing is to just get started and be consistent in your exercise routine.

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