Since the late 1980s (1989 to be exact), I discovered that I had endometriosis, quite a common and escalating health condition experienced by women. This resulted in monthly pre- and post-menstrual pain and discomfort, which occasionally resulted in pain so extreme, it made me immobile.

In December 1999, the yearly routine check-up with my gynae showed a startling prognosis. I was referred to as having a very “messy case” with 2 cysts ranging between 5-6 cm each. My uterus was also enlarged and inflamed, causing much discomfort. My gynae, of course, recommended surgery to remove the cysts. By May 2002, my monthly menstrual pain was becoming intolerable. Another gynae advised that I have a hysterectomy (removal of my entire womb), plus an oophorectomy.

This was a wake up call for me, as I knew my condition was worsening by the weeks. I then decided to look for a natural alternative, something that would be less invasive with fewer side effects, and longer lasting. I resorted to Dr. Lynn Tan’s 2-week Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme (DRP) that I had learned about sometime ago, but somehow I procrastinated doing it. Together with my DRP, I drank Dr. Brusch Essiac Tea twice daily, and administered the castor oil pack externally. Two weeks after the completion of my DRP, I had another scan.

Two cysts, which were originally measured at 5-6cm, shrunk by half ( ~3 cm) and the inflammation in my uterus had gone down from about 10 cm to 8 cm. Even the doctor was pleasantly surprised and advised me that whatever programme I was on, as long as it worked, I should keep up with it.

Best of all, I know my body continues to regenerate as I continue to rebuild it daily. I view this as a long-term change that I will commit to as after all, 10 years of suffering is enough to have taught me a good lesson. In June 2002, my menstrual cycle came with absolutely no pain! I am reaping the rewards of more energy and better health!

This is almost witnessing a miracle to see my body heal naturally. The proof in the pudding is in the eating, and as the saying goes, “Never venture, never gain.”

Ho Yoke Mei

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