July 2003 was the month of awakening for me – I was told that I had nasal pharynx carcinoma (NPC), otherwise known as nasal cavity cancer. It was like a death sentence to me. My world came tumbling down.

I sought God earnestly for wisdom. “My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.” – Hosea 4:6. That was all God had to say to me. I got the message loud and clear. And immediately 1 went in search of all the materials I could get my hands on. I listened to tapes and watched VCDs regarding the disease and read all the books available to me. I concluded that the only way to battle cancer was through nutrition and detoxification by means of coffee enemas.

Knowing what I needed to do, I went to see Stanley, a NewLife,M Distributor/Senior Manager. As advised by him, I underwent Dr. Lynn’s Detoxification and Rejuvenation Programme (DRP) for 2 weeks and follow that with the Gerson Cancer Therapy. I also added daily drinks of Essiac Tea to my programme.

The symptoms of NPC which I experienced were headaches, blocked ears, and later, blood in the sputum. As I went through the DRP, I experienced lots of healing reactions. I started having some pains in the left side of my back on only the second day, and heavy yellow and green mucus discharges both from my nose and throat. By the third day of the programme, the pain in my back disappeared and by the fourth day, I awoke from my sleep with a very pleasant clear head which I had not experienced for a long time. My sputum, however, continued to be tainted with blood which caused me great distress. By the sixth day, the bleeding stopped and my confidence in the programme just welled up within me. That was my big break!

When I awoke on the seventh day, I had great pain on the left side of my ear and both my ears were totally blocked. As I was trying to clear my throat, I felt something come out from the left passage of my ear into the throat and when I coughed it out, I saw a round knob of tissue filled with blood. The pain by my left ear remained until about 3.00 pm, but the blocked ears did not clear for another two weeks. When they did, I became symptom free and have remained so to this day. Deep inside me I know I was on the path of recovery.

I followed the Gerson Cancer Therapy programme for the following 3 months. I had a CT Scan done in early November 2003 and it has totally cleared me of NPC. I just burst out with thanksgiving to God upon receiving the results.

I thank God for the people whom He has placed in my life, people like Sally, a very dear friend of mine and Stanley, who never failed to give me meaningful advice and practical support, and, of course, Dr. Lynn Tan, who started Newlife™, which helped to restore my life. Thank you all and may the good Lord bless you richly.

Ng Chooi Ping

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