Hi! My name is Julie. I was introduced to the concept of taking fresh juice, Spirulina and Herbal Klenz Powder, as well as doing the coffee enema daily.

Before this, I never enjoyed good health. My period was never regular. This year, I skipped it for almost nine months. No, I was not pregnant, but had been trying to have a child without success, even though I have been married for more than three years.
In October (1997), I was fortunate to stay for a few days with Angela in Kuala Lumpur and found that her family had been drinking fresh fruit and carrot juice and taking NewLife’s food supplements every morning; in the evening, they do the coffee enema as part of their health routine.

NewLife’s Detoxification & Rejuvenation products and how to order and use them. I started on them when I returned to Kota Kinabalu. To my surprise, after a few days (about 15 enemas later), my period came. I could even play Badminton during my period and jump higher and move faster than before. On the whole, I am not as lazy as I used to be. I am now enjoying good health.

I plan to go through the full 7-day Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme before trying to have a baby.

Once again, I wish to thank Angela. I am telling everyone about NewLife’s fantastic products.

Julie Chin

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