Hi there. I am Evelyn Foo from Ipoh. I got to know about NewLife™ through the Above Rubies Magazine, which had a feature of Dr. Lynn Tan’s testimony. From there, I was sent a copy of the Healthy Living Magazine, which was filled with very useful health information. I was also thrilled to know of the many testimonies related to the 7-day Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme, so I, too, wanted to experience the benefits.

My general health is basically fine. Besides having some aches here and there and occasionally falling ill, the losing-weight factor was the main reason I decided to embark on Dr. Lynn Tan’s 7-day Detoxification & Rejuvenation Programme (DRP).

Through the midst of the DRP programme, I was constantly in touch with NewLife™. On the 2nd day of the programme, I noticed a painful lump under my armpit and felt nauseous. I was told to sip warm herbal tea in between my juices and was told about the healing reaction period. My body was responding well and nausea was an indication that tremendous amounts of poisons were leaving my body. I persevered. I was also told that the lump under my armpit was probably an enlarged lymph node, which was an indication that my immune system was fighting off bad substances in my body.

At the end of the 7-day DRP, I had great news to share! The pain at the joint of my sternum with my collarbone, which I was having for the past 6 months, was gone. I am so thankful I decided to go through the programme although it was a little ‘torturous’:). It has saved me from taking in unnecessary drugs which give only temporary relief. The lump under my armpit also subsided without having any more pain. My skin is smoother and softer now. I am also back to my pre-pregnancy weight, which I thought was impossible to achieve.

I then got my mother (who has been having high blood pressure) to undergo the programme, and her results – another long story to share. But everything went superbly well, and gosh, the amount of things she passed out – was delightfully horrifying!

To me, NewLife™ is a “blessing place” where I can get good products. Praise God again for His direction of bringing NewLife™ into my life.

Evenlyn Foo

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