Teatree Oil found in Toothpaste El-Natural
Teatree Oil is an ingredient found in our Toothpaste El-Natural product as shown above.
Ingredients contained are not sold separately from the product unless it's the only ingredient.

Teatree oil is without doubt one of the greatest ways to remedy a candida infection. You may receive this from many of the pure meals stores throughout the US, Canada, or most industrialized countries . You need to apply teatree oil to your vagina by a tampon — however it’s a must to dilute it a bit first, because pure teatree oil might be too dense for your vagina.

Teatree Oil is one of the most common treatments for acne.  Available at most health stores, dab Teatree oil on your acne using a cotton swab.   This may sting a bit but has it has been effective for some acne sufferers.

Teatree oil is the natural anti-fungal of choice to known to man, it has been used worldwide for centuries to heal many sorts of bacterial infections and micro-organisms. Paul d’Arco bark has been revealed to be awfully effective as a treatment for yeast infections. The most trustworthy natural treatments for yeast infections will be a change of diet. The diet that is accepted today runs with modified sugars, processed bleached flour and yeast forms. These are mixed in the body to make the ideal conditions for yeast fungi to multiply and strengthen. A particularly limited diet of processed and packaged foods will do you good. Fresh plants, meats and cereals with nuts or dairy foods are the best to heal yeast infections.

TeaTree Oil is an anti-fungal and has been proven to be effective at killing Candida Albicans and it has exhibited excellent ” Anti-fungal “, Antibacterial, Antiseptic and Antiviral healing properties.

Pure Teatree Oil is widely known to be very effective in keeping the skin healthy and moisturized.  It is also effective in eliminating and at the same time preventing pimples and you only need a drop and then mix in with water then without a doubt your complexion would greatly improve.  Essential oil is also perfect alternative to benzyl peroxide.  The oil can also heal wounds and prevent infections as well because it has antiseptic properties. Another example is the Jason Natural Products Tea Tree Oil; this is one of the most commonly used teatree oil these days.

Pure teatree oil can also be used to cure warts, rashes and eczema as well.  Other also uses it to make scars less visible. You can find lotions, soaps and beauty creams that contain teatree oil and they are available in your local store.

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