Skim Milk Powder found in Yoghurt Starter
Skim Milk Powder is an ingredient found in our Yoghurt Starter product as shown above.
Ingredients contained are not sold separately from the product unless it's the only ingredient.

Skim Milk Powder is manufactured from freshly separated, choicest quality milk which is pasteurised, concentrated and then gently spray dried. The powder is pale cream in colour, free flowing without hard lumps and soluble in water.

Instant Skim Milk Powder is an excellent source of protein, which can be reconstituted for most recipes that require fluid skim milk as an ingredient. It is used in many foods where non fat milk solids are required, and is especially suitable for recipes in which the powder needs to be dissolved without high speed blending. The product is typically used in ice cream, dairy desserts, bread and other baked goods, comminuted meat products, confectionery (including chocolate, caramel and fudge) soups and sauces. Also ideal for mixtures used in dispensing equipment such as soft serve ice-cream, and in dry blended, ready to use convenience products, cake mixes, instant soups and beverages.

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