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Ingredients :
  1. Activated Charcoal
  2. Plant Coconut Shell
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When distilling, chlorine gets distilled too because it's lighter than air. This carbon filter placed at the nozzle of the distiller will absorb the chlorine. Replaced once every 6 months.

This carbon filter is meant for the countertop distiller. Even though distilled water is the cleanest form of water, in the process of distillation, chlorine also rises with the distilled steam. Placing this carbon filter at the mouth of the coutertop distiller, the steam will have to crawl through the carbon filtration and from there, the chlorine will be removed.

This special carbon is a virgin coconut shell that is a highly effective absorbent of organic contaminants.

Our filters contain more carbon than normal brands, we recommend that you use only one bag in the filter housing. Due to the superior quality of the carbon used; one bag lasts twice as long as the carbon fresher and reduces the chances of bacteria contamination.

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RM 61.30
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