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Things you should know :

  • NewLife Membership costs RM70.00
  • Details and signature collected will be used in 2 forms, Membership & PDPA.
  • Membership Form is the basic essential for signing up [Download PDF].
  • PDPA Form is an acknowledgment of your permission to receive the latest in promotions and updates from us [Download PDF].

8 Benefits of Being a NewLife Member

  1. Purchase at member’s price about 25% off the retail. Order Today!
  2. Get bulk discounts on top of the member’s price.
  3. Your friends & family get member’s price by using your name.
  4. You get paid by commission (if bank account details were provided). Learn about BV & PV commission.
  5. Get a bi-monthly snail mail LifeLine newsletter.
  6. You’ll get updates on news & promotion.
  7. Membership expires in one year, but is automatically renewed for free when you buy RM100 and above, within 3 months before it expires.
  8. Free health consultation. Got a question about a product usage? Whatsapp Stanley @ 018-3938733

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Should there be any rebates for NewLife purchases, it will be credited into this account.

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