Glycinate found in Calcium Complex with Boron
Glycinate is an ingredient found in our Calcium Complex with Boron product as shown above.
Ingredients contained are not sold separately from the product unless it's the only ingredient.

Glycinate in Calcium Complex is an important mineral for blood pressure and blood sugar maintenance already within normal range as well as overall heart rhythm health. It provides nutritional support for bones as well as cardiovascular and neurological well-being. Lacking Glycinate can contribute to feelings of stress. This non-laxative product is a complex of the essential amino acid bound to the non-essential amino acid glycine, which allows glycinate to be absorbed into your cell.

Glycinate in Calcium Complex appears to aid in correcting insulin resistance and decreased secretion of insulin in diabetics and thus helps keep blood sugar levels stable. Diabetics tend to lose a lot of magnesium through urine, and taking a glycinate supplement can help correct this deficiency.

Glycinate in Calcium Complex is gaining recognition as a more effective supplement. The reason why this form of calcium supplement is very effective is because glycinate is a combination of an essential amino acid and boron. Glycine is an amino acid, and when bonded with boron, which the body very easily absorbs. Because of the fact that many magnesium supplements are difficult for the body to absorb, they can cause ailments like diarrhea or the opposite, constipation.

Glycinate in Calcium Complex is a somewhat new creation in the world of dietary supplements. Most people haven’t yet heard of it. Glycinate supplements in general though have been around for a very long time. Calcium is one of those essential metals in the human body, like iron, and you definitely don’t want to be deficient in it. But studies have shown that a growing number of persons is actually calcium deficient. The reason why it’s difficult to pin down a calcium deficiency is because the symptoms are somewhat general, like insomnia, irritability, muscle cramps, and so on. So you can see why it would be easy to live with a calcium deficiency and not know it.

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