The process of distillation has been used for some many years and it has proven to be as effective and as safe. The process of distillation heats water into steam, leaving behind much of the particulate matter that is considered contamination.   There are some pollutants that have a lower boiling point than water. During distillation, the process pushes these vapors into the same chamber as the water vapor.

It is this process that cleans the earth’s water. Water is not created or destroyed. Simply put, it is continually changing location and form. The water we use now is the same supply the human race started with.

Distillation is simply the process of heating water to its boiling point, capturing and then condensing the pure steam to form pure distilled water. In nature this process is known as the hydrologic cycle.

Now that you are familiar with what is distilled and its simple purification process you might have other questions about distilled water. We will dive further into the science behind the distillation process and learn more about the practical, scientific, and other applications and uses of distilled water.

It’s not what is in distilled water that matters, it’s what’s not. During the distillation process salt crystals and other contaminants are separated from the water. Only the pure and clean water gets condensed inside the machine and is prepared for drinking.

When compared with regular water distilled water is much safer to drink because it goes through a process of distillation. Regular water is what we use for daily activities such as showering, watering our gardens, and washing dishes. Although sometimes regular water that comes right out of the tap is also consumed, it is not as safe as when water has been distilled before drinking.

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